Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center

Meet the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center

Amazing things are happening in South Mississippi.  Only if Mary C. O’Keefe could see what her love and dedication has produced.  Her inspiration has caused many people from all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to pull together and form this phenomenal cultural center.  Mary C. O’Keefe devoted her time and effort to her students and their parents. Because of her love for education and dedication to her community, exciting things have been put into effect. Named after Ms O’Keefe, the center reflects who she was and what she loved.  The cultural center is a representation of her attitude towards growth and education.  The center is a beautiful place where you will have fun learning new things. It’s all about learning and giving back to the community.

The mission of The Friends of The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center is to inspire citizens to engage in the arts, culture, and education, while serving as stewards of the landmark 1927 public school building. The building alone tells many stories of art, history, and culture.  Many individuals, businesses, groups, and organizations have come together, making it possible to for people, young and old to continue learning. Events of all sorts are held here. Mary O’Keefe’s passion is still alive and in motion.  They have a variety of classes available. To learn more about the The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center and classes that are being offered, please visit :

Beyond Expectations Productions,LLC sponsored the Mary C O’Keefe’s commercial, to help spread the word about this great place. The support has been amazing. We are asking for your continuous help in our effort to keep art alive. Please watch then share this to whatever platform you choose. Click link to watch:

Freewill’s Musical Documentary

Meet FreeWill, the voice behind the hit single “REAL.”



When it comes to a singer and songwriter having a love and passion for music, “FreeWill”, is the name that is ringing through the gospel music industry.  His birth name is William “Monte” Robinson II. He was a native of Clearwater, FL.  Robinson now resides in Atlanta, GA. Despite his challenges as a teenager, “FreeWill” Robinson has picked up the shattered pieces of his past.  He has found productive ways to use them to help build and repair the broken lives of others.  He is rapidly becoming one of the most influential contemporary gospel artists of today.  William “FreeWill “Robinson is being managed by SeaQ Management, located in Tallahassee, FL. Although great at what he does, Robinson is perhaps one of the most humble artist around. With that being said, he still manages to be one of the most soulful and excitingly engaging artist there is.  You are easily drawn in by his charisma.  His lyrics flow smoothly off his tongue as chocolate from a fondu fountain. His ability to capture and maintain the undivided attention his audience is unbelievable. Beyond Expectations Production Studios (BEPS) had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, GA to work with “FreeWill.” The highly sought out (BEPS) team of videographers, Aloysius “Lo” Ballard and Lawrence “Law” Graham were honored to have been awarded the privelege to work with this amazing artist.  They are extremely convinced that he will definitely be the next big thing.  The team was able to capture the artist live and in action. It was amazing to see an abundance of gifts, skills, and talents gathered together in one room.  It is evident that music is not only his profession, but his passion. The experience was fulfilling. It was inviting and entertaining as well. The (BEPS) team looks forward to working with Robinson in the near future.  More on this music documentary will be posted soon. Keep your ears and eyes opened. We will have more photos and videos coming soon. To hear music performed by this artist, click on the the following link: REAL

Freewill at Mood's Record Store - ©Beyond Expectations Productions


Freewill in Downtown Atlanta, GA - ©Beyond Expectations Productions

Auto Repair – Steed’s Collision

The King of Auto Repair – Steed’s Collision:

When you need auto repair or auto body work be sure and call Steed’s Collision. Steed’s Collision is located in D’Iberville, MS. We received a call that Steed’s was looking for a commercial to help highlight their business and services. So we took a small crew and shot on location in conjunction with MSTOGO,LLC (Who handles the marketing and SEO plans) to produce the commercial listed below. Contact us today for your own marketing package to help showcase your business. Steed’s have received a 80% call back rating from the commercial.

For more information on Steed’s Collision please visit: Steed’s Collision

The Breaking IN Show (Docu-Series) with Travis Greene

Travis Greene has spent the past decade serving as youth pastor, worship director, and national recording artist. He sits down with Breaking IN to share his story about music, life, and his pursuit of legacy. Since signing with RCA Inspiration, Travis is set to release his new album this fall. His latest single “Intentional” is currently on radio and will be released for purchase shortly. For more information on Travis visit his website at

Produced by Beyond Expectations Productions
Directed by Aloysius Ballard

The Breaking IN Show (Docu-Series) : Micki Miller

The Breaking IN Show kicks off it’s Docu-Series that highlights upcoming musical talent by interviewing Micki Miller. Micki Miller has been a musician all of her life and is now taking her artistry to the masses one show at a time. Miller has recently worked with Birdie as well as releasing two of her own projects entitled Love Letters and Coldest Winter.

For more information on Micki Miller visit her website at: or search social media (Micki Miller).
Produced by Beyond Expectations Productions and Directed by Aloysius Ballard




Days after celebrating her win for Video of the Year, Michelle Williams shares her journey to the 30th Annual Stellar Awards. From The Hollywood Confidential to her historic performance with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, we get a first-hand look at all the hard work and team effort that went into putting everything together. Go behind-the-scenes with Michelle now!

We had the pleasure of capturing and editing this project for eOne Nashville and Relevé Entertainment. How many people can say they were apart of a Destiny’s Child reunion??

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Charity Jovan Headshots

I had a blast working with Musical Artist Charity Jovan on her new images for her promotional portfolio. Charity Jovan is gearing up to create some new music and also dive into more acting opportunities.