FADERS x 001

I’ve started to document the behind the scenes of my production life and allowing my online friends and family to go along with me on the projects I work on. Check out this first show as I give you a glimpse into me and Producer Drei Hurd (The Society of Soul) working in the studio. Drei took a few minutes and gave some good advice and samples of production value to those watching. Check it out below, and don’t forget to subscribe and share with someone. If you are willing to do that then I will promise to continue to make these videos. If you have questions that you might need answered don’t hesitate, please comment below and ask away!!

Check out my 48Hr. Film Contest Trailer

This film was shot and made for the 48hr. Film Competition and was based around the genre “Fish out of Water” for the team VICC NATION. The film was directed by Aloysius Ballard of Beyond Expectations Productions and produced by Pastor Carlton G. McCarter and Victory Int. Christian Center.

What happens when you take a group of people away from the world they know and throw them into the complete opposite?
ANTITHESIS takes you on that journey and allows you to decide for yourself, what would you do?


TJ WALKER x Call His Name

TJ Walker, one of North Carolina’s most popular performers, is proud to announce his first official music video shot for his hit “Call His Name.”


You can purchase a copy of the album here:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/tj-walker/id811888890

Follow TJ Walker online at:
Twitter: @ _TJWalker
Instagram: @tjwalkermusic
Facebook: TJ Walker
Website: tjwalkermusic.net

Jarrec (@officialjarrec) – ALRIGHT

I attend Full Sail University, located in Winter Park,FL. I will be graduating from their Film Program in May 2014.In order for me to do that, I had to create a visual project from start to finish. I chose to shoot a music visual concept on a artist named Jarrec. The project concept is to inspire viewers to trust that bad situations are temporary, and better days exist and as the song states in the end they will be “Alright”. The primary goal for this project is to create something visually unique and emotionally reflective of the message Jarrec has established in his song. The particular song is one of the hot singles on Jarrec’s freshman album “ECLECTIC”, released by indie label Rehoboth Records (@rehobothrecords). The project was directed by Aloysius “Lo” Ballard (@beps_tv) for Beyond Expectations Productions.

Tagline: Bad things happen, but in time the end will come.

Do you know Jarrec x (@officialJarrec) Cover
You can learn more about Jarrec by following him on his social media sites:
Instagram: @officialjarrec
Twitter: @officialjarrec
Website: http://www.jarrec.com

Rehoboth Records is a independent record label, you can visit them at: http://www.rehobothrecords.com